Executive Committee – 2017-2018

Tracy Pechkis
President Elect OPEN septapresidentelect@gmail.com
1st Co-VP Fundraising Bonnie Rotelli fairfieldseptafundraising@gmail.com
1st Co-VP Fundraising Patty Donahue fairfieldseptafundraising@gmail.com
2nd VP Membership Christy Vitale Fairfieldseptamembershp@gmail.com
Secretary Laura King FairfieldSEPTA@gmail.com
Treasurer Christine Vitale fairfieldseptatreasurer@gmail.com
Treasurer Elect Katia Garin  fairfieldseptatreasurer@gmail.com
Administrative Adviser OPEN
Board of Directors
All Elected Officers Listed Above
Past President Will Wintermute will@wintermute-family.com
Past Treasurer N/A
Programming Chair OPEN
Communications Chair OPEN
Parent Resources Chair OPEN
PTA Council Representative Kathy Finlaw Kfinlaw@optonline.net
PTA Council Representative Julie Gottlieb segjkg@att.net
Board of Ed. Representative OPEN
Ed. Budget Representative OPEN
Early Childhood Center Representative OPEN
Grants Chair Kim Torre-Tasso fairfeildseptagrants@gmail.com
Standing Committees
Webmaster Helen Belkin helen.belkin@snet.net
Volunteer Coordinator OPEN
Diversity Day OPEN
Sunshine OPEN fairfieldseptasunshine@gmail.com
Hospitality OPEN
Parks & Rec Dianne Baxter dbax34@optonline.net
Gifted & Talented Rep. OPEN
 Nominating OPEN fairfieldseptanominating@gmail.com
Other SEPTA email addresses
General contact fairfieldsepta@gmail.com
To become a SEPTA Rep at your school fairfieldseptareps@gmail.com
To inquire about an EB or a standing committee position fairfieldseptanominating@gmail.com


Volunteer Opportunities

The Nominating committee is charged with filling each office with members that they, as a committee, feel will best be able to perform their duties and who would best serve SEPTA in a particular position.Typically the committee is elected in March, presents the slate in April, with the membership voting on the slate in May. Installation of officers takes place in June.
If you are interested in volunteering for the Nominating committee or if you have any questions, please contact at: fairfieldseptanominating@gmail.com